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Those of us that have worked for large companies enjoy one big advantage when it comes to getting your job done: a dedicated IT organization that is available to rapidly fix any problems that prevent us from using technology. Be it phones, computers, or the applications that we need, their main objective is to keep the business humming.

This level of support, of course, comes at a cost. IT people and tools aren’t cheap, as any small business owner can attest. The notion of having a dedicated IT person is out of reach for virtually all small businesses until they get to a certain size (generally North of about 50 people–less for some company types, like technology companies).

The question that many small business owners are faced with is: “how do I keep my business technologies running without hiring someone full-time?” The answer is generally to find someone that can help out on a part-time, contract basis. It’s harder than you might think to find someone like that. The world is full of cousins and brothers-in-law who “know a little sumpin about computers” and who, while they mean well, can often make things worse.

Techs4Biz was founded on the premise that small businesses should be able to call on true professionals who can get the job done. We’re a small business too, so we’re in the same boat. I have worked for and owned small businesses most of my career, starting with a TV repair business when I was in middle school, followed by a programming business in my late teens, and a software company in my early thirties. I founded a marketing consulting company in 2006 called EhrTech, and I have now founded Techs4Biz to provide those badly needed IT services to small businesses.

So how am I proposing to do that? First off, I plan to run and grow this business organically. That means that I refuse to go into debt. Much of the company profit will be funneled back into growing the company, and all expenditures will have a definitive return.

To paraphrase Chef Duff “Ace of Cakes” Goldman, I plan to hire the best people in the business that I know–my friends–many of whom I have worked with for decades. Eddie Holub is one of them. He is highly talented, very bright, and learns fast. Most of his IT knowledge was obtained from the school of hard knocks–he worked his way up from a sales guy to running the IT for the company he worked for, and he is a master at figuring things out. In my experience, the best IT guys are just like Eddie. While they may or may not have degrees, they have a certain aptitude and drive that makes them who they are.

We’re starting small. We just launched our first packaged service, which is a $149 “PC Rebuild” package that is guaranteed to take a machine that has been crippled with Windows Arthritis (I invented that term!) and return it to “showroom fresh” condition by rebuilding it from scratch. We save and restore all of the user’s data and applications during the process, assuming that the machine hasn’t been decimated by viruses and other malware to the point where data has been lost. We reinstall all user applications, plus anti-malware like anti-virus and anti-spyware. As an added bonus, we also create a system restore disc that allows the customer to put the disc in the computer, reboot, and restore it back to the same pristine state that it was in when we return it to them, complete with all of their data and apps. Take your PC to Geek Squad and ask them for the same service, and they’ll charge you $300–and they don’t create a restore disc.

So, if you know someone that could use our PC Rebuild service, or any of our other small business IT services, please send them our way. I’d really appreciate it, and I promise that Techs4Biz will deliver what we promise, on time and on budget. These days, that’s pretty much the golden rule of business, and I plan to stick to it. Thanks for reading!

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